* Features
- Announcments
- Alarms
- Music and entertainment
- Dual loop A and B amplifier
- Talk back
- Zone selections
- Automatic alarm panels
- Music sources
- Interface to telephone systems
- Interface to fire and alarm systems
- 110/220V AC and 24V DC

Ēš Control
Free Choice of priority, Line-in circuit, broadcast area, speaker,
Presetting for your need.

Ēš Manoeuvring instructions & Loading instructions
Very convenience for on-board use.

Ēš Various Alarm Oscillate
General alarm, Fire alarm, each system combined with P.A.
Moreover, Warning alarm, fog sensor alarm, etc, also O.K.

Ēš Safe insurance
Designed to meet every offcial body, authority, then, doublenized
generation circuit of main amp. or alarm signal keep amplifier unit
safe from speaker circuit trouble.

Ēš Paging
combined With exchange, all area announce or partial group
announce be available.