AIS(Automatic Identification System)is a compulsory
system to be installed on the new building vessels as
of 1st July 2002 in accordance with SOLAS Chapter V
and Regulation 19 of IMO which is the way of
communication based both on ship to ship and on ship
to land for all of information, like ship speed, position,
route and safety that effectively gives OOW(Officer on
watch)and VTS(Vessel Traffic Services)the ship's real
position in order to prevent from collision and operate
the ships in safety.
The system will be effectively optimized in combination
with GPS, Radar, GYRO, ECDIS and ECS.
CMRKOREA AIS Transponder (model : CSIS-100) is
designed for compact and light-weight size with its
own accumulated VHF related technologies and
experiences that is fully complying with IMO standard.
- Standards IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3,
IEC 61993-2, ITU-R M.1371-1
- TDMA Transmitter
TX Frequency : 156.025 MHz - 162.025 MHz Manual/Automatic setting
- TDMA Receiver
RX Frequency : 156.025 MHz-162.025 MHz by 2 channels
RX1 : Default CH87B (161.975 MHz) Manual/Automatic setting
RX2 : Default CH88B (162.025 MHz) Manual/Automatic setting
Channel Spacing : 25 kHz and 12.5 kHz
- DSC Receiver
RX Frequency : CH70 (156.525 MHz)
Navigation Data : COG/SOG, ROT, POS,
Relevant data/signal from other external devices
Power sourse : 12-24VDC, 2.5-5A, 115/230VAC (Rectifier)
Surroundigns : IEC 60945 for environment

Static : MMSI, IMO, vessl name, call sign, vessel kind, vessel length, position
Dynamic : Position, CPG/SOG, UTC, vessel course, vessel speed,
direction, navigation status, turning rate, updating rate
Navigation : Draftline, dangerous cargo¢®?s kind, ETA
Safety : Height, final destination, waypoint, starting time, closing time,
anchorage point, anchorage ETD, anchorage purpose, others
BASIC Component
AIS main unit (CSIS-100) - 1
GPS and VHF Antenna -1
Installation materials/spare parts - 1
OPTION component
Power supply - 1
WxHxD(mm) :187x130x267
Weight : 4.0Kg